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News Archive

Upcomming Events
Sep 8 Thursday
Blood Drive
8:00am - 5:00pm
Zimmerman | 2122 S. Mt Vernon | Milwaukee
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 JANUARY 2016:
  David A. Bartlett, Assoc. AIA
  Nicolas A. Sanchez, Assoc. AIA
  Joshua A. Schoenemann, AIA 

  Katherine Bartlett, Assoc. AIA
  Andrew Bath, Assoc. AIA
  Nathaniel Considine, Assoc. AIA

  Patrick Jones, AIA

  Jason Schaum

  Angie Tabrizi Salameh, AIA 

 MARCH 2016:
  Tina Fitzgerald, Assoc. AIA
  Samuel Pfeifer, Assoc. AIA

 APRIL 2016:
  Jeanne P. Anton, Assoc. AIA
  Leif B. Backus, Assoc. AIA
  Glenn D. Banks, Assoc. AIA
  Daniel T. Cesarz, AIA
  William J. Manley Sr., Assoc. AIA
  Adam D. Ruhland, Assoc. AIA
  Nicholas R. Strube, AIA
  Nick Zukauskas, Assoc. AIA

 May 2016:
  Allison S. Mastel, Assoc. AIA
  Andrew J. Radomski, AIA

 June 2016:
  Marina Belotserkovskaia, AIA
  Phillip Katz, AIA

 July 2016:
  Tessa Begay, Assoc. AIA
  Justin W. Hageman, Assoc. AIA
  Emily J. McNamara, AIA
  Kevin McNamara, AIA
  Sweta K. Meier, AIA
  Katherine V. Monachos, AIA
  Scott P. Uhen, AIA
  Brian Wolff, Assoc. AIA 

2016 Executive Board

Michael Hacker, AIA

Jason Raiten, AIA
Vice President/Treasurer

John Van Rooy, AIA

Eric Schoedel, AIA
Past President


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